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Posted on October 19, 2015


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Our philosophy has always been to focus on rehabilitating the body, soul and mind and that addiction is a highly treatable disease that can be overpowered when an individual closely follows a program to lead them on the right path. Our staff is compassionate and we have provided care and treatment to more than twenty thousand clients since we opened our doors in 1981.


We work to make drug addiction treatment affordable to all individuals regardless of financial status. All rehab services are of the highest quality and have been found extremely effective during our more than 30 years in facilitation. We offer services not only to those adults facing addiction but we also have outreach programs for their families.


Are You In Need Of Drug Rehab?

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If you or someone you know may be in need of drug rehab please take a moment to fill out the form to the right of this page. A treatment counselor will contact you shortly to provide details about our services, fees and other important information.

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