Drug Abuse and Skin Problems

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Drug Abuse and Skin Problems

Drug Abuse and Skin Problems

Drug abuse most definitely causes damage to the inside of a body as well as can cause emotional problems that may not have been seen before.  One of the most prevalent issues that many people often never think about is the fact that drug abuse is not only damaging to the inside of your body, but it also damages the outside. Drug abuse damages the inside of a body and pulls essential vitamins and nutrients out of the body. This causes the skin of drug users to look just as bad as one would imagine their insides must look.


How drug abuse effects skin

Drug users can show many side effects of drug abuse. One of the most common is yellowing, jaundice, of the skin and eyes in those that abuse drugs. Itching, hives and other swelling of the skin is also a common problem for drug abusers. Another very common sight to see is dark, colored spots on those that use drugs. While the dark spots are not usually dangerous to the health of the person, they can be unsightly and can cause emotional distress to the user.


IV Drug Use and Skin

People that abuse IV drugs can often have very serious skin problems. Ulcers and serious skin infections can cause the skin to look very bad and can lead to major infections that can cause hospital visits for treatment. IV drug usage can also cause blisters on skin, track marks from needle usage and shiny, sweaty looking skin.

Skin can also begin to show signs of dangerous levels of drugs in a person’s system by essentially rotting away, bruising severely or becoming covered in unsightly sores. Often, skin will also develop a smell that can be sour or even sweet depending on the drug being used. Another side effect of drug abuse, especially in people that are abusing methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin, is having teeth that begin to rot away.


Treatment is Available

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