How Prescription Drugs Turn Into Heroin Addiction

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From Pain Pills to Heroin

Prescription Drugs Turn Into Heroin Addiction


From an early age, children are taught what drugs are and what the worst of the worst drugs are. Most people will tell you that the worst drug in circulation today is, heroin. Most heroin addicts never thought they would even try the drug, much less be addicted to it. Given the fact that so many know how dangerous this drug it, it is often not understood, especially by those that are not addicted, why someone would even try heroin in the first place.

Prescription Drug Abuse Rising

The main component that leads to heroin addiction is prescription drug abuse. Hundreds of thousands of people are prescribed pain pills every day and since a great majority of people have no way to defend themselves against a disease such as addiction, thousands of prescription drug addicts are essentially born each day.

Pain pills are prescribed for a number of reasons including after surgery or when someone has an injury. Pain medications work by attaching to opiate receptors in the brain to block the pain. This also gives the user a euphoric feeling while alleviating the pain.

Once a person is addicted to the pain medication, they begin to increase the prescribed dosage to combat the pain as well as to feel that euphoric feeling. The brain essentially craves the medication just as someone may crave chocolate or sweet foods. The addiction begins to make the person believe that the pain they feel is far worse than it actually is, thus making them continually increase the dosage more and more over time.

Unfortunately, for the person that has become addicted to the prescription pain medication, they will eventually find that getting their doctor to refill the pain medicine is not simple to do. There are many federal and state laws that regulate the way a doctor can prescribe pain medicine. When the person is no longer able to get the prescription medication, they will often steal from family or even strangers or they will resort to illegal purchases of the medicine from drug dealers.





 A Need For Stronger Medicine

Once a person starts to purchase drugs from dealers, the disease can go to a whole new level of addiction and the person will need to find stronger pain medication to replace the prescribed medication. Drugs like OxyContin can be very expensive when making purchases through dealers on the streets and the addicted person will try to find a drug they can take that is not as expensive but will make them feel that euphoric feeling and ease the pain.

Although the majority of people that become addicted to heroin may have never thought they would become a heroin addict, they quickly find that heroin is cheaper to buy than prescription pain medicines and that the high they will get from it is far more intense than the pain meds. Once they get started on heroin, they find that they cannot simply stop using. Instead, they feel that they must continue using in order to prevent withdrawal and pain from returning.

.Although the person thought they’d never use such a drug, they’ll quickly change their mind in order to feed their addiction and avoid the harsh symptoms of withdrawal.


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